The Eclectic Method

Monday, May 15, 2006

Oral Report

When I observe the differents oral report of teaching style, one of them call my attention, Jumping wiht the letter J. Because it was a funny activities to the childrens because the activity integrated the play to teac reading. It is a thing that the childrens enjoy to do. In my oral report, the Collage is very motivator to the kids because they show there own interest without have to talk about a specific theme or thing. This activity develope a language skill in the student. Both activities have a same characteristics it is that a children can express that they want.


My experience with my first exam at EDPE 3018 with professor Le Compte was an excelent experience. When I took my first exam I was so worry about it. My first impression was traumatize. The exam was to long with many true and false but all the material that been discuse in class. I have many doubt about my performance but when I receive my grade I feel very happy about my grade.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

A classroom observation

3. The questions about the real situation of the real life of the students are very significant because the students find in this type of questions the characteristicts of interest and motivations to produce one process of teaching and learning of quality. One negative thing is realize question around of the real life to the student empty of previous experiences about the context that compuse the question because this enviroment affect the interest and motivation of the student to answer the real life.

In this activities the teacher can develope a three particular principles of learning language, and they are cognitive principle because the student answer the questions around previous knowledge, the affective principle because the teaching go directly to develope the real context of their own life and develope the linguistic principle because in the answer utilized the language to comunicate their ideas.

4. All errors for little that it is must be corrected inmediatly in the student to increase the abilities and reduce their deficiency to take a significant knowledge. This process produce one enviroment of teaching and learning quality process.
In this activity we develope the cognitive principle to learn language because cannot have space to incorrect learning knowledge.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Eclectic Method

In my eclectic method, I include some characteristics of different methods of the second language learning. For example, the Audiolingual Method, the Whole Language Method and the Direct Method.

I will present the characteristics chosen from the methods mentioned before and their interpretations about the academic benefits for students.

Audiolingual Method

-New material is presented in dialogue form.
Presenting the material in dialogue form gives students the opportunity of hearing the correct pronunciation of the second language so they could imitate it correctly. It also gives opportunity to practice it orally.
-Repetitive drills
It's important to give students a good education of the second language with a series of exercises so he could comprehend, analyzed and absorb the new material.
-There is much use of tapes, language, labs and visual aids.
It's fundamental to use the thecnics and method that motivate students to learn the second language. Example of these technics are the laboratory environment and the audiovisual part because these activities help change the rutine and the traditional methodology of the classroom.
-No mother tongue
It is very helpful to students that the teacher don't speak or teach new concepts of the second language in his mother tounge because if he does it would not teach the security and linguistics independence degree that students need to dominate and acquire the second language.

Whole Language

-Cooperative learning
It's very important and significant for students to participate in groups in order to learn the second language because it gives them the opportunity to learn and help each other. The learning enviroment that is created motivates the student.
-Student-centered learning
Every teaching process has to be centered in the students so they could work skills and concept that attend their interests and paticular needs so the learning could be more significant.
-focus on the social nature of language
It's essencial to develope the affective part of the second languge learning in the students because they can notice the pertinence that the learning has as natural mechanism of the human so they can communicate in their social relationships.
-meaning-centered language
It's basic to direct the teaching of the second language centering in the adquisition of its meaning. Dominating its meaning could help the students because they can use it better in their comunicatives functions.
-integration of the "four skills"-
The integration of the four skills in the second language teaching gives students the interaction and interconnection between the listening and speaking and the reading and writing languages.

Direct Method

-Target language
From the start, teaching students the second language without including the mother tongue gives them the opportunity to acquire the language in a pure and original way. This allows a better adquisiton and manageability of the second language in terms of learning.

-Inductive grammar
This method focuses the teaching of grammar in and inductive way which is helpful for the students because they acquire the teaching from simple to complex so the learning could be meaningful to students.

-Correct pronunciaton and grammar
This method emphasizes the teaching of pronunciation and the correct use of grammar language which is helpful for students so they could hear and pronounce correctly the new vocabulary learned following the gramatical rules of the second language.